Founders Award & AGSA Life Membership Award

Founders Award

The Founders Award was first presented in 1986 and is awarded for service to the Cereals Industry. The award commemorates the 36 founders who participated in the first RACI Cereal Chemistry Group conference in 1951 and resolved to form an Australian learned society for Cereal Chemistry.

The 36 founders were: Prof A E Alexander, Messrs. C Axelsen, W B S Bishop, R Bitmead, A C Blaskett and E E Bond, Dr R A Bottomley, Messrs. A J Crawford, C H Christie, I Deshurst, K T H Farrer, J R Fisher, L D Foster, W Gledhill, F W J Clendinnen, H C Gluskie, S C Graham, D  W Grover, J V Harvey, L A Jones, W Lewis Jones, J G Krigsman, J W Lee, J L Marshall, S F Marshall and A J Meers, Miss A Morehouse, Dr W Muller, Dr R K Murphy, Messrs. I M Norris, E J O’Brien, K V Paul, V Rawson, Dr F H Reuter, Dr Montgomery White and Mr W H Wilson.

The Award in the form of a certificate is presented during the Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference.

Australasian Grain Science Association Life Membership Award

Recognises a significant contribution to the grains industry through research, teaching and training, technological developments, leadership and promotion and development of the grains industry through the activities of the Association and in the broader community in Australia, New Zealand and globally.

Download AGSA Life Membership Award guidelines

AGSA Life Membership Award applications to:
The Chair AGSA Awards Committee.
By post: Dr L O’Brien, P O Box 273, Narrabri, NSW, 2390.
By email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Founders Award Recipients

1986 Dr R A (Bob) Bottomley
1986 Mr E H (Ted) Jacob
1986 Mr R H (Ron) Martin
1986 Mr A J (John) Meers
1986 Mr E J (Jack) O'Brien
1986 Dr D H (David) Simmonds
1987 Mr K C (Keith) Mander
1987 Mr P E (Peter) Marston
1988 Mr E L (Earle) Mason
1988 Mr W H (Bill) Wilson
1988 Dr H Harry Zentner
1989 Mr D J (David) Tucker
1990 Mr T P (Tom) Molan
1990 Mr A J (Allan) Smith
1990 Mr F R (Frank) Townsend
1991 Mrs J (Joan) Blackman
1991 Mr B (Bert) Boden
1993 Dr G K (Gordon) Adkins
1993 Mr L S (Len) Cayzer
1993 Mr G (Pat) Halliburton
1993 Dr P (Norman) Matheson
1994 Mr J C (John) Tillott
1995 Mr F E (Duke) Acton
1995 Mr R N (Roy) Lewis
1995 Dr D H B (David) Sparrow
1996 Dr C (Cedric) Axelsen
1996 Mr S F (Sam) Marshall
1997 Mr D M (Matt) Padbury
1997 Mr J (John) Parish
1997 Mr W J (Jack) Toms
1998 Mr D P (Don) Law
1998 Dr R (Ray) Moss
1998 Mr J A (John) Ronalds
1999 Mr G A (Graeme) Lukey
2001 Mr W (Bill) Barnes
2001 Dr I L (Ian) Batey
2001 Mr T (Tal) Ghaly
2001 Dr M (Malcolm) Glennie-Holmes
2001 Dr P W (Peter) Gras
2001 Mr G (Geof) Palmer
2001 Mr P (Peter) Whalley
2002 Mr J (John) Gould
2002 Mr P (Peter) Meredith
2003 Mr R L (Bob) Cracknell
2004 Mr G B (Graham) Crosbie
2005 Dr K (Ken) McNaught
2005 Mr D C (David) Mugford
2005 Mr C T (Tas) Westcott
2006 Mr J (John) Dines
2008 Mrs H (Helen) Allen
2008 Dr D (Dai) Suter
2009 Ms L F (Linda) Derrett
2009 Mr J R (John) Oliver

Life Membership Award Recipients

2006 S (Sidi) Huang
2015 Bronwyn Elliott